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VST 130 DI Power Tiller, Price & Specifications 2022

Vst Shakti 130 DI Boost Your Productivity

Vst Shakti 130 DI is the most reliable farming implement in modern farming. Here all the detailed information about Vst Shakti 130 DI is available. This Vst Shakti 130 DI has all the essential qualities that provide ultimate performance in fields. Vst Shakti 130 DI power tiller price is more modest for all small and marginal farmers.

This farming implement boosts your agricultural productivity because of all mentioned below:

Vst Shakti 130 DI features and specifications.

  • The dimensions of Vst Shakti 130 DI are 600 mm tilling width, 150 mm tilling depth, and 220 mm plow depth.
  • Vst 130 DI power tiller has a fuel tank capacity of 11 liters.
  • Vst power tiller 130 DI appears with a Multiple plate dry disc type clutch, and Hand operated internal expanding metallic shoe type brake.
  • Vst Shakti 130 DI has 6 forward + 2 reverses with 2 speeds (Optional 4 speeds) rotary transmission systems.
  • The total weight of the Vst 130 DI power tiller is 405 Kg, with 13 HP implement power.
  • Vst power tiller price is beneficial and profitable for buyers as it easily fits in the budget of farmers

Vst Shakti 130 DI Engine Specification

Vst Shakti 130 DI comes with a Horizontal 4-stroke single-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine /OHV engine and generates 4.2 kg-m /1600 rpm, Max. Torque. Vst Shakti 130 DI has 190 g/hp/hr SFC (Specific Fuel Cons). These features make it the most powerful and durable power tiller of Vst Shakti brand. Here you can get vst power tiller price in India.

Vst Shakti 130 DI Price & Specification

Vst power tiller 130 DI price is Rs. 1.8 Lakh. Vst Shakti 130 DI price is more cost-effective for Indian farmers. Vst 130 DI power tiller price is very reasonable and budget-friendly.

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