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Swaraj ZLX Gyrovator-2023, Features, Specifications, and More

Designed and manufactured by Swaraj Tractors, the Swaraj ZLX Gyrovator is a farm implement used for soil preparation and cultivation. This implement is a popular choice among farmers for its efficient and effective work.

Swaraj ZLX Gyrovator

The Swaraj ZLX Gyrovator is a farm implement used for soil preparation and cultivation. It is designed and manufactured by Swaraj Tractors, a leading Indian tractor manufacturer. The Gyrovator is essentially a rotary tiller that is mounted on the back of a tractor and powered by its PTO (power take-off) shaft.

It consists of a series of curved tines or blades that rotate rapidly and break up the soil, thus preparing it for seeding or planting. The Swaraj ZLX Gyrovator is equipped with powerful tines that can till up to a depth of 6 inches.

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Some of the Key Features of the Swaraj ZLX Gyrovator Include:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Multi-Speed Gearbox
  • Multi-purpose performing cutting, mixing and levelling
  • Helicoidal anti-wear blades for durability
  • Multi-Speed Adjustor for various applications
  • Easy attachment to the tractor
  • Adjustable tine angle for different soil conditions.
  • Specially designed for low maintenance and durability
  • A popular choice among farmers for efficient and effective work

Technical Specification of Swaraj ZLX Gyrovator:

Required Tractor HP

30-55 HP (22.37 kW-41.01 kW)

No. of Blades

36, 42, 48, 54, and 60


1.25 m, 1.45 m, 1.65 m, 1.85 m, and 2.05 m


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Swaraj ZLX Gyrovator

Additional Information

Swaraj is a leading brand of tractors in India. It was established in 1974, and since then, it has been catering to the needs of farmers across India. Swaraj is known for its reliable and rugged tractors, which are designed to work in a variety of terrains and conditions. The brand is owned by Mahindra & Mahindra, which is one of the largest tractor manufacturers in India.

Swaraj tractors are popular among farmers for their ease of use, durability, and low maintenance. They are equipped with modern features such as power steering, four-wheel drive, and advanced hydraulic systems. Swaraj tractors are available in a wide range of horsepower options, from 15 hp to 75 hp, to suit the varying needs of farmers.

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