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Shark Tank India Season 3: 'Katidhan's Parabraksh' Device Impresses Sharks, Know its Benefits for Farmers and Wildlife

Farmers across India face significant crop losses due to wildlife intrusion, with conventional methods often proving ineffective or even harmful. Parabraksh offers a safer and more effective way to keep animals out. It uses lights that look like the eyes of predators to scare animals away.

'Katidhan's Parabraksh' Device's Benefits for Farmers and Wildlife
'Katidhan's Parabraksh' Device's Benefits for Farmers and Wildlife

In the recent episode of Shark Tank India Season 3, viewers were introduced to a remarkable invention called Parabraksh by SR Ayan, the founder of Katidhan. Parabraksh is a smart solution to keep wild animals away from farms, helping farmers protect their crops without causing harm to animals.

The Problem and the Solution:

Many farmers in India face a big problem: wild animals often come into their farms and eat their crops. Traditional methods like electric fences or dangerous chemicals can harm both animals and humans. Parabraksh offers a safer and more effective way to keep animals out. It uses lights that look like the eyes of predators to scare animals away.

Features and How it Works:

Parabraksh is easy to use. It has lights that turn on automatically when it gets dark and turn off when it's daylight. These lights mimic the eyes of animals that scare away other animals. Farmers can set up Parabraksh easily with just four lights for every hectare of farmland. They can place these lights on sticks or poles, adjusting the height according to the size of the animals they want to keep away.

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Success Stories and Effectiveness:

SR Ayan, the founder of Katidhan, shared stories of Parabraksh's success. Farmers using Parabraksh have reported fewer incidents of animals damaging their crops. It has been effective in keeping away animals like wild boars, elephants, tigers, and more. Case studies have shown that removing Parabraksh can lead to animals coming back to the farms, proving its effectiveness in protecting crops.

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The Shark Tank Experience:

SR Ayan presented Parabraksh in the Shark Tank, where investors liked the idea. Ritesh Agarwal made an offer to support the project with funding. He offered Rs 75 lakh for a small part of the company and also provided a loan of Rs 75 lakh with a low interest rate. Ayan accepted this offer, showing that others believed in the potential of Parabraksh too.

Impact and Future Plans:

With support from investors, Parabraksh can reach more farmers across India. This means more farmers can protect their crops and livelihoods without harming animals. It also promotes a safer and more sustainable way of farming, benefiting both farmers and wildlife.

Parabraksh is a game-changer in wildlife protection, offering a simple yet effective solution to a common problem faced by farmers. Its success in the Shark Tank reflects its potential to make a positive impact in agriculture and wildlife conservation. As it continues to grow, Parabraksh promises a brighter future for farmers and the environment.

In summary, Parabraksh's journey from the Shark Tank stage to real-world implementation showcases the power of innovation in addressing complex challenges while promoting harmony between humans and wildlife.

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