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Let's Learn Everything About PREET 3549- 2022

everything about Preet 3549

Preet 3549 is one of India's most popular tractor models from the Preet tractor brand. Preet is well-known in India for producing best-in-class tractors and engines in the tractor and commercial vehicle segments. This success is the result of many decades of tractor manufacturing in India. These years of experience have aided Preet in developing cost-effective tractors for the Indian market.

 Farmers commonly use Preet 3549 for agricultural and related purposes. In terms of popularity and sales, it is one of the utility tractor market's leaders. Preet 3549 is priced between Rs. 5.10 and Rs. 5.60 lakhs. Farmers who have an average agricultural area and regularly use farming implements such as cultivators, trailers, rotavators, and seed drills prefer the Preet 3549 tractor.

Features of Preet 3549

Engine HP

35 HP


29.75 HP

Wheel Drive


Forward Gear


Reverse Gear


Brake Type

Oil immersed/ Dry


Rs. 5.00- 5.45 Lakhs


Engine Specifications of Preet 3549

Engine HP

35 HP

Engine capacity

2781 CC

Engine rated RPM

2100 RPM

No. of Cylinder


Air Filter

Dry type

Cooling system

Water cooled

USP of Preet 3549

  • Lifting capacity- 1800 kg
  • Clutch- Single friction plate
  • Steering- Mechanical/ Power steering
  • Transmission type- a combination of constant mash and sliding mash.
  • Weight- 2050 kg.
  • Fuel tank capacity- 67 liters.

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