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Krishi Yantra Anudan Yojana 2024: Get Upto 80% Subsidy on These 110 Types of Agri Machinery

Farmers can buy subsidized agricultural equipment at the State-level Agricultural Mechanization Fair, which will be held in Patna, Bihar, from 8th to 11th February.

Krishi Yantra Anudan Yojana 2024
Krishi Yantra Anudan Yojana 2024

The government offers subsidies to farmers for purchasing agricultural machinery through the Agricultural Machinery Subsidy Scheme, also known as Krishi Yantra Anudan Yojana. Under this scheme, various states implement similar initiatives with different names. For instance, in Bihar, it's known as the Bihar Krishi Yantra Subsidy Yojana 2024.

Krishi Yantra Anudan Yojana

The Agricultural Machinery Subsidy Scheme helps farmers buy farming equipment at lower prices. Through this scheme, the government offers financial support to farmers, making modern agricultural machinery more accessible. This article provides an easy-to-understand guide on how farmers can take advantage of this subsidy scheme.

Subsidy Benefits:

  • The Bihar government is providing subsidies to farmers on nearly 110 agricultural machines.
  • Subsidies of up to 80% are being offered by the government on these agricultural machines, enabling farmers to purchase them at lower costs.

Agricultural Mechanization Fair:

  • To make agricultural machinery available at cheaper rates, the Bihar government has organizing a state-level Agricultural Mechanization Fair from the 8th to the 11th of February.
  • Various types of agricultural machinery will be showcased at this fair.
  • Farmers attending the fair can not only see the agricultural machinery but also gather information about them and make purchases.

Eligibility and Registration:

  • Farmers who have previously registered under the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme are eligible to avail themselves of the subsidy for purchasing agricultural machinery.
  • Additionally, farmers can register with the state government to purchase agricultural machinery.
  • After registration, eligible farmers can avail themselves of the subsidy under the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme for purchasing agricultural machinery.

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Subsidy Amount on Agricultural Equipment Purchase:

  • Under the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme, the state government includes 110 types of agricultural machines and equipment.
  • Farmers can avail subsidies ranging from 40% to 80% on the cost of these machines.
  • Subsidies are applicable to tractor-operated, self-propelled, and manually-operated agricultural machinery.
  • Priority is given to marginalized communities like Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and extremely backward classes.
  • Subsidies for these communities are higher compared to general farmers.
  • Additionally, farmers purchasing agricultural equipment priced at or below ₹20,000 can also benefit from the subsidy, even if they are not eligible for other agricultural subsidies.

Eligibility Criteria for Subsidies:

  • Farmers from marginalized communities are given preference.
  • Higher subsidies are provided to these communities compared to general farmers.
  • Agricultural machinery priced at or below ₹20,000 is eligible for subsidies, benefiting even those who might not qualify for other subsidies.

Beneficiaries of the Subsidy Scheme:

  • The Agricultural Mechanization Scheme extends subsidies to a wide range of agricultural machinery, making farming more accessible and efficient for farmers across different communities and income levels.
  • Realizing the importance of mechanization in agriculture, the government aims to uplift farmers by providing financial support for the purchase of modern equipment.
  • This initiative not only boosts agricultural productivity but also enhances the livelihoods of farmers, especially those belonging to marginalized communities.

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Which agricultural equipment/machines will get a subsidy:

Under the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme, subsidies will be provided on various types of agricultural machinery, including:

Super seeders



Land levelers

Power weeders

Tractor-mounted sprayers


Multi-crop threshers

Paddy threshers

Straw reapers

Reaper cum binders

Power tillers

Sugarcane seedling transplanters

Sugarcane crushers

These 110 types of agricultural machines are eligible for subsidies provided by the government.

Where can farmers purchase agricultural equipment on subsidy:

Farmers can buy subsidized agricultural equipment at the State-level Agricultural Mechanization Fair, which will be held in Patna, Bihar, from 8th to 11th February. The fair will showcase modern agricultural machinery from leading manufacturers. Additionally, farmers will receive detailed information about modern agricultural machinery during the fair. Farmers who have applied for machinery subsidies and received approval from the government can purchase agricultural equipment at the fair. Cultural programs will also be organized daily during the fair.

Where should farmers register for subsidy on agricultural equipment:

For availing subsidies on agricultural equipment under the Bihar government's Agricultural Mechanization Scheme, farmers can register online on the official website of the Agriculture Department at After registration, farmers will be selected through an online lottery process. Selected farmers will then purchase agricultural machinery from the list provided by the Agriculture Department and receive subsidies as per the scheme's guidelines.

Useful Links:

Application Link:
List of Machinery:

For more information about the scheme:

Farmers can visit the Agriculture Department's website for more details about the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme in Bihar. Additionally, they can inquire about the scheme at District Agriculture Offices, Block Agriculture Offices, or through Agriculture Coordinators.

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