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Importance of Selecting Right Agriculture Machinery Fluids

Those who want to properly achieve and maintain their production goals simply need to have high levels of preparedness across all their processes. They must keep their agricultural equipment maintained and cost-effective, which is where using the right universal tractor transmission oil and other lubricants comes into action.

Universal tractor transmission oil, heavy-duty transmission fluid, coolants, and other lubricants used in your agricultural machinery make sure that your equipment is:

  • Achieving high performances at all times
  • Operating at optimal cost-effectiveness
  • Reaching a long life span
  • Ensuring that you maintain your production goals


  • It optimizes the performance of your equipment
  • It helps with oxidation resistance
  • It reduces heat (significantly)
  • It helps with maintenance cost optimization
  • It helps you meet OEM (original equipment manufacturer) requirements


Using adequate heavy-duty transmission fluid allows your tractor transmission to operate smoothly as the oil runs and flows quickly and freely, especially at startup, and in both hot and cold weather. It makes sure that the surfaces are properly and thoroughly protected and shielded from damaging contact, while it also allows for a smoother and quieter shifting process and reduces brake chatter for improved responsiveness.


Using appropriate universal tractor transmission oil reduces friction and helps with thermal breakdown resistance, allowing systems to operate at cooler temperatures over longer timeframes. Heat reduction in the engine also helps with the protection of seals, mitigating seal weakening and obviating leakage.


By reducing temperatures and eliminating leaks, HD transmission oil reduces fluid consumption and prolongs fluid life, therefore optimizing maintenance cost-optimization.


Even though replacing the filter for transmission and hydraulic systems is done at wider intervals than changing the filter for engine oil, it is just as important a task. Another critical thing to consider is how the vent system in your hydraulics works. This is important if you’re changing your hydraulic fluid by yourself so your engine and transmission/hydraulic systems do not end up having air pockets.