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In India agriculture is the occupation of more than 50% of our total population and to improve India’s economy, the growth in the agriculture Industry should be exponential. This demands that all the small and marginal scale agriculture should become efficient and self-sustaining. Small farmers directly impact the future of sustainable agricultural growth and food security of the country. Despite nearly 65% of Indians working in the farm sector, more than 20 crore Indian farmers have basic or no access to mechanized tools.

A recent survey by the "National Bank For Agriculture and Rural Development" found that access to farm machinery by the farmers is very less or nearly negligible. Only 5.2% of the farmers in India owned a tractor and just 1.8% owned a power tiller. Farm equipment is never cheaper and it is not very easy for the farmers to afford it.

Keeping this issue in mind, renting services in India for farm machinery have gained ground which is commonly known as tractors on rent. The agriculture ministry has developed a farm equipment rental app for Indian farmers, which can be used to hire tractors, rotavators, and other farm-related machinery for rent with affordable prizes and for with flexible ownership. They have also come up with initiatives to offer implements like the cultivator, rotary tiller, duck-foot cultivator, disc plow, disc harrow, mouldboard plow, thresher, and several others. This has considerably helped in enhancing the revenue of tractor owners and farmers too.

What is JFarm?

JFarm services provide easy access to farm mechanization solutions by renting tractors and other farm types of equipment that are required by the farmers. It was an Initiative by TAFE - Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited to make all services available to farmers at an affordable price.

How do JFarm Services work?

With this pioneering JFarm platform, TAFE brings the benefits of the technology-enabled sharing economy to boost the income of Indian farmers.

Farmers looking to rent their existing tractors and farm equipment are linked directly to farmers seeking to hire them free of cost This is called as “Farmer-to-Farmer model” (F2F) of JFarm. This farm equipment rental platform turned out as a CSR initiative and many companies came forward for it.

The JFarm Services platform uses technology to provide free-of-cost access to rent farm mechanization solutions and in this way, it helps a lot of farmers who do not have the money to buy farm machinery. It also offers an opportunity to build a viable rural entrepreneurship model.