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Shark Tank India 'Geeani Electric Tractor'- Features, Founders, Valuation, And Net Worth

Geeani aims to provide farmers and other small-scale agricultural businesses with sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. The company's first product, Geeani Electric Tractor, is designed to be highly efficient, easy to use, and low maintenance.

Geeani Electric Tractor- Founders, Valuation, And Net Worth
Founders of Geeani Agritech

Geeani is an electric compact tractor manufacturer that appeared on Shark Tank India 2. In the Indian automotive industry, the Geeani Electric Tractor is a game changer. Geeani is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional tractors, with a number of benefits and advantages such as low maintenance, high efficiency, and versatility. Geeani is running to set up a new standard for the future of Indian agriculture and transportation by focusing on green energy solutions for a sustainable future.

Learn more about the company and its experience on the show, as well as the price and deal.

Who are the founders of Geeani?

Geeani Electric Tractor's Co-Founder and CEO is Prajal Geeta Menon. She has 5 years of teaching experience and 2 years of automotive electric mobility experience. She has an international patent for a novel and innovative electric powertrain that she is eager to pursue. Geeani Electric Tractor's Co-Founder, CMO, and Director are Vignesh Panicker, and the Chief Engineer and Operations Head is Divyarajsinh Bihula.

Why is it called GEEANI?

According to Prajal, Co-Founder, and CEO of the Geeani, the name Geeani derived from the first three initials of his late mother Geeta’s name, GEE, and the first three initials of Anitha’s name ANI, resulting in the emergence of GEEANI.

Geeani Electric Tractor Features:

The Geeani Electric Tractor boasts several innovative features:

Battery warranty: 3 years, with a battery life of 7 to 8 years.

Compact design: Width of 3 feet, making it easy to navigate through narrow spaces.

Lightweight: Weighs only 550 kg, yet powerful enough to handle heavy loads.

Patented drivetrain technology: Ensures efficient performance and durability.

8X more efficient than diesel tractors: Provides significant savings on operating costs.

What is the goal of manufacturing the Geeani Electric Tractor?

Geeani aims to provide farmers and other small-scale agricultural businesses with sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. The company's first product, Geeani Electric Tractor, is designed to be highly efficient, easy to use, and low maintenance. The tractor is powered by electricity, which eliminates the need for expensive and harmful fossil fuels. Geeani electric tractor comes with a high-capacity battery that allows it to work for an extended period just on a single charge, thus reducing the need for frequent charging. For that reason, it is ideal for small-scale farmers who have to work in remote areas with limited access to electricity and other resources.

Future Outlook:

Geeani Electric Tractor holds immense promise for the future of agriculture in India:

Sustainable and affordable alternative: The e-tractor offers a low-maintenance and environmentally friendly solution compared to traditional ICE tractors.

High-capacity battery: Enables long working hours on a single charge, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Customized electric vehicles: In addition to e-tractors, Geeani plans to offer a range of green energy automotive products, catering to diverse needs in the agricultural sector.

What valuation does Geeani get on the Shark Tank India Season 2?

The three entrepreneurs approached Shark Tank India with a pitch for Rs. 75 lakhs in exchange for 7.5% equity. They displayed a low-cost, high-power compact tractor with an appealing design. The pitcher also informed the sharks that they have already received multiple inquiries and orders for 100 units.

By the end of the pitch, the sharks were seen to be impressed by the pitchers, and their vision of providing something good to the farmers. Following this, Anupam suggested that all of the sharks’ come together to offer them a deal, but Amit stated that he prefers to go it alone. Vineeta, Aman, and Anupam made them an offer of Rs. 1 crore in exchange for 10% equity. Amit also offered them Rs. 1.5 crore for 20% equity, but they chose the offer from the trio.

Summarized Information 

Geeani Electric Tractor Founder Names  Prajal Geeta Menon, Vignesh Panicker, Divyarajsingh Bihula, Anitha 
Geeani Electric Tractor Ask In Shark Tank  Rs. 75 lakhs for 7.5% equity 
The Deal They Got Rs. 1 crore for 10% equity 
Company Valuation of Geeanie Electric Tractor  Rs. 10 crore 
Investor Names  Anupam Mittal, Vineeta Singh, Aman Gupta 


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Geeani Electric Tractor- Founders, Valuation, And Net Worth
Geeani Electric Tractor at Shark Tank India Season 2

What are the future plans of Geeani Tractor? 

Talking with Tractor News, Geeani Tractor said that they are planning to build a new manufacturing unit to mass produce the Geeani Electric Tractor along with their other products. 

What are the social media handles of Geeani Tractors? 

You can get in contact with Geeani through their various social media handles such as, 



Instagram- geeani_official 

What else does Geeani offer? 

Aside from the Geeani Electric Tractor, the company also sells electric golf carts, electric food carts, electric loader cycles, electric cycles, and other customized electric vehicles. All of these products are intended to be 

environmentally friendly and cost-effective, making them suitable for use in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, hospitality, and others. 

Geeani Electric Tractor manufactures green energy automotive products as well as other agricultural products. Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) is offered by the company to clients who require customized machinery for any industry. Anupam Mittal, Vineeta Singh, and Aman Gupta are among the investors in the company, which is valued at Rs. 10 crores. 

Geeani Electric Tractor is a green energy solution for the agriculture sector in India, designed to address the issue of high tractor rental prices. The company’s goal is to provide farmers in India with a small, low-cost electric tractor.

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