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Farmtrac Champion 42- 2022, Specifications, Price, & More

Farmtrac Champion 42

Farmtrac Champion 42

Farmtrac Champion 42 is one of the Farmtrac tractor brand's most well-known tractors among farmers. This Farmtrac tractor is one of the market's most popular models. The Farmtrac Champion 42 is outfitted with modern features that help to make this tractor the most desired tractor. Farmtrac tractors are well-known for their dependability and low maintenance costs.

The Farmtrac Champion 42 is a popular tractor in the full-sized tractor segment. Because of its advanced features and attachment capabilities, the tractor's popularity is well defined. This tractor is appropriate for all agricultural and commercial applications. Farmtrac Champion 42 is commonly used for tilling, sowing, puddling, and hauling. Farmtrac Champion 42 is a low-emission tractor.    


Engine HP

42 HP


35.7 HP

Wheel Drive


Forward Gears


Reverse Gears


Brake type

Multi plate oil immersed brakes

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Engine Specifications

HP Category

42 HP

Engine rated RPM

2200 RPM

No. of cylinders


Air Filter

Wet type

Cooling System

Water cooled


USP of Farmtrac Champion 42

  • Clutch type- Single/ dual.
  • Lifting capacity- 1800 kg
  • Warranty- 5 years
  • Steering- Mechanical- single drop arm/ Power steering.

Price of Farmtrac Champion 42

Farmtrac Champion 42 costs between Rs. 5.75 and Rs. 5.98 in India. The Champion 42 price is determined by the Indian farmer's budget. 

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