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Eicher 551 Hydromatic- 2022 Prices, Features & Specifications

Eicher 551 Hydromatic

In India, the Eicher 551 Hydromatic is a popular tractor model from the Eicher tractor brand. Eicher 551 Hydromatic is a dependable, powerful 49-hp tractor with an eye-catching design. The tractor has three cylinders, eight forward and two reverse gears, and gets good mileage on the road and in the field.

The 2wd model has a powerful hydraulic system capable of lifting to 1650 kg. The model has oil-immersed multi-disc brakes that provide skid-free traction and control on the road.

The Eicher 551 Hydromatic is one of the most powerful tractors with excellent fuel economy. The 551 Hydromatic Tractor is capable of delivering high performance in the field. The Eicher 551 Hydromatic model has super power and is fuel efficient.

Features of Eicher 551 Hydromatic

  • The tractor's engine is a 3300 cc diesel engine with a total output of 49 HP.
  • The tractor's powertrain is connected to the transmission via a single/dual-clutch.
  • On this tractor, a Constant-mesh transmission is available with this engine.
  • Eicher tractor engines are well-known for their dependability and heavy-duty performance.


Specifications of Eicher 551 Hydromatic

Engine HP

49 HP


41.7 HP

Wheel drive   


Forward Gears   


Reverse Gears   


Brake Type

Multi disc oil immersed brakes

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The Engine of the Eicher 551 Hydromatic 


HP Category

49 HP

Engine Capacity

3300 cc

No of Cylinder


Air Filter

3 Stage wet Air Cleaner

Cooling System

Water Cooled


Important USP of Eicher 551 Hydromatic

  • Lifting capacity- 1650 kg
  • Clutch- Single/ Dual
  • Steering- Power Steering
  • Transmission Type- Partial Constant Mesh
  • Fuel tank capacity- 45 liters

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