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Earn in Lakhs, get Bumper Subsidy of 50 % from Mini Dal Mill Machine Scheme

Governments initiative empowers farmers to earn substantial profits through mini pulse machines, offering a 50% subsidy. Seize the opportunity now to access maximum benefits. Apply today.

Earn in Lakhs, get Bumper Subsidy of 50 % from 	Mini Dal Mill Machine Scheme
Earn in Lakhs, get Bumper Subsidy of 50 % from Mini Dal Mill Machine Scheme

In a bid to empower farmers and enhance their earnings, the government has introduced a scheme providing substantial subsidies on mini pulse machines. This initiative enables farmers to process and package various pulses like moong dal, toor dal, arhar dal, and masoor dal, opening doors for farmers.

Utilizing this inventive equipment, farmers can efficiently prepare and supply pulses to the market at competitive rates. A major advantage of the program is that the government extends up to 50% subsidy on Mini Dal Mill machines, capped at Rs 1,50,000. Under the Krishi Yantra Anudan Yojana, the state administration welcomes applications, offering a valuable chance for eager participants to access this significant financial aid.

This article gives detailed information about the mini pulse machine scheme, the subsidy to be provided, the amount of money obtained, and the detail about the application process.

Mini Pulse Machine Scheme and Its Work

The Automatic Mini Dal Machine is an all-in-one solution for pulse processing, incorporating peeling, drying, and polishing functionalities. It streamlines the transformation of raw, uncleaned dal into a finished product ready for market circulation. This integrated process not only simplifies pulse production but also prepares them for branding and packaging, leading to profitable market sales.

Profit Generation and Subsidy Facilitation

For instance, a 3 HP mini dal machine can yield around 100 kg of pulses per hour, translating to a profit of approximately two rupees per kilogram. Running the machine for eight hours daily can yield a profit of around Rs. 1600. Scaling up with a 6 HP machine can result in profits ranging from Rs. 48,000 to over a lakh per month, depending on production volume.

The Agricultural Machinery Subsidy Scheme extends a 40 to 50 percent subsidy on mini pulse machines, substantially reducing the initial cost. The government's support in acquiring these machines is a vital step towards fostering rural entrepreneurship. Notably, SC, ST, and OBC farmers receive a 50 percent subsidy, while the general category benefits from a 40 percent subsidy under the Krishi Yantra Anudan Yojana.

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Subsidized Mini Dal Machine Application Process in Madhya Pradesh

Currently, the Madhya Pradesh government extends a valuable subsidy opportunity for the state's farmers, facilitating their acquisition of mini dal machines. Aspiring beneficiaries can avail of this subsidy under the comprehensive Krishi Yantra Anudan Yojana.

To apply, individuals are encouraged to visit the official e-Agriculture Grant Portal at

For those seeking assistance, alternative application avenues are available. Farmers can apply at their nearest MP Online or Common Service Centre (CSC) if needed. It's crucial to note that the application deadline is set for August 20, 2023.

Essential Documents for a Successful Application

When applying online for the Mini Dal Machine subsidy, a pivotal requirement involves generating a demand draft of Rs 5,000 in favor of the Assistant Agricultural Engineer of the respective district. This draft must then be uploaded along with the completed application form to ensure the application's validity. Neglecting the submission of the earnest money demand draft will result in application rejection.

Applicants are expected to provide a set of necessary documents during the application process. These include:-

  • Aadhaar card of the applying farmer
  • Ration card of the applying farmer
  • Kisan card of the applicant
  • Farmer's registered mobile number
  • Land papers substantiating farming ownership
  • Farmer's income certificate
  • Copy of the first page of the bank passbook for account verification
  • Copy of the Demand Draft serving as the Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)

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The subsidized Mini Dal Machine initiative introduced by the Madhya Pradesh government presents a transformative opportunity for farmers to enhance their productivity and income. By providing essential subsidies, the government encourages farmers to embrace modern technology and streamlined processes, contributing to a more efficient and profitable agricultural sector. Adhering to the specified document requirements and submitting the necessary earnest money, applicants can secure their place in this beneficial scheme.

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