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Best 4 Massey Ferguson Tractors in India

Massey Ferguson has a wide range of tractors in various price ranges. The most advanced tractor model is the Massey Ferguson 2635 4WD, which costs Rs. 15, 00,000 lakh. And the price range begins at 4, 80,000 lakh for the model Massey Ferguson 1035 DI Dost, demonstrating that it truly is the farmer's friend.

When it comes to horsepower, Massey Ferguson tractors have a wide range that starts at 18 HP and goes all the way up to 75 HP. Massey Ferguson's wide range of products is the reason for the company's popularity in India and among all of its customers worldwide. If you are reading this article, it means you are interested in purchasing a Massey Ferguson tractor but are unsure which model to purchase.

Top 4 Massey Ferguson tractors

Here is a list of the top 4 Massey Ferguson tractors and their features:

1. Massey Ferguson 241 DI MAHAAN

Massey Ferguson 241 DI MAHAAN by Massey Ferguson 241 Di Mahaan, which fits its name because mahaan means strong, and Massey Ferguson 241 DI MAHAAN is strong. Massey Ferguson has increased its presence with this model of tractor. Massey Ferguson is known for its value of products and excellent customer service. The Massey Ferguson 241 DI MAHAAN has a 2500 cc engine capacity, 10 gears (8 forward, 2 reverse), and all of this at a reasonable price.

HP: 42

Price range: 5, 90,000 to 6, 00,000*

Gear: 10

Lifting capacity: 1700 kg

2. Massey Ferguson 9500 E

With a powerful engine and 50 horsepower, The Massey Ferguson 9500 E is a powerful tractor designed for heavy-duty tasks. With the comfort of farmers in mind, the Massey Ferguson 9500 E is suitable for both moderate and large landowners. It is designed to match the diverse field types found in India. The Massey Ferguson 9500 E, powered by Simpson's SJ327.1 TII A engine, is the ideal match for farmers, which is why it ranks second on our list.

HP- 50

Price: 6, 60,000*

 Gear: 10

Lifting capacity: 1700 kg

3. Massey Ferguson 1035 DI

The Massey Ferguson 1035 DI is next on our list. With a massive wheelbase of 1830 mm, this tractor is perfect for both on and off-the-field usage, providing extra stability. With a total weight of 1713 kg or 1.7 tons, it is a perfect match for heavy-duty work in the field as well as taking large equipment, a large number of grains, etc from one place to another; it can lift to 1100 kg meaning it comes handy in taking.

HP- 36

Price: 5, 85,000*

 Gear: 10

Lifting capacity: 1100 kg

4. Massey Ferguson 6028 4WD

The ace of the mini tractor category is Massey Ferguson 6028 4WD mini tractor. The unique ability to perform small tasks with ease and efficiency is what distinguishes this mini tractor and makes it valuable. Not only that, but it has a single clutch, which is responsible for its butter-like smooth operation and provides great comfort to the tractors' owners/drivers. It has oil-immersed brakes as well as eight gearboxes, six forward and two reverse.

HP- 28

Price: 4, 79,000- 5, 28,000                                                                                                             

Gear: 10

Lifting capacity- 739 kg

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